Africa ICT Right (AIR) is an NGO that employs Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools to address critical national problems pertaining to education, gender, youth empowerment, health, and agriculture in Ghana.

Established in 2007, our organization has worked on multiple ICT, education and health-related grants. Our hard work and dedication not only helped communities but improved the lives of many individuals.

We partner with donors, government institutions, NGOs, private institutes and local communities to provide technological and accessible solutions for the barriers that prevent Ghana’s citizens from accessing quality education, e-learning opportunities, and essential healthcare facilities.

We recognize the 'Digital Gap' as a new form of global inequality. Like poverty, the digital gap has had a devastating impact on the people of Ghana. While the rest of the world has extensive ICT facilities and opportunities, most individuals in Ghana still don't have access to computers and mobile phones.

We are on a mission to uplift marginalized groups like women, people with disabilities and poor children into a new age of e-commerce and digital opportunities by spreading out knowledge about Information and Communication Technology.


Our Vision

A computer literate society in Ghana where ICT is used to address developmental needs of communities. 

Our Mission

Empowering underserved communities by providing technological resources, training and support to address developmental needs. In our five-point strategic approach to ICT for development (ICT4D), we aim at:

  • Connectivity
  • Access
  • Education
  • Content
  • Research

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