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We partner with a wide range of foundations, NGOs, corporations, individuals and community organizations to create a meaningful and lasting impact for underserved communities. Without this vital network of support, we simply couldn’t fulfill our mission.

Partners are critical to our success in empowering underserved communities through ICT. For this reason, Africa ICT Right seeks to forge relationships with supporters on programs and initiatives through financial donations, cause-related marketing, employee engagement effort, gifts-in-kind and other initiatives. Together, we can ignite our mission and yours.

Corporate Partnerships - We harness the passion and expertise of companies and their employees to achieve ambitious change in underserved communities. A partnership with Africa ICT Right will demonstrate your company’s values and social responsibility to stakeholders. In fact, companies that commit to charity organisations enjoy higher employee morale, a stronger public image, increase sales and stronger customer loyalty. Collaboration with corporate entities is very critical to our success, so help us achieve our mission through financial donations, cause-marketing, employee engagement, gifts-in-kind, events, etc. Below are many of our featured program partners:



Trusts And Foundations - We rely on the support of charitable trusts and foundations to extend the benefits of affordable technology to underserved communities by developing opportunities for shared learning and investments that meet each foundation’s priorities and contribute to Africa ICT Right goals.

Because our work encompasses many diverse areas including education, health care, gender and youth empowerment, we partner with a number of trusts and foundations to meet our mutual objectives.

Our partner’s investments in core operations, key programming, research, monitoring and evaluation, and strategic planning efforts help us not only to grow our impact but track our successes and challenges.

Bilateral and Governments Partnerships - We work closely with bilateral, government and international institutions to achieve literacy and gender equality around the world. These partners are critical for the funding of our programmes including developing of training materials, conducting of workshops, and providing on-site coaching for other NGOs to learn best practices from our programming.

Partner Benefits:

  • Africa ICT Right will acknowledge your company’s investments in ways that best fit your interests and strategic goals. Acknowledgements vary depending on level of support and your company’s interests. Benefits include:
  • Regular reporting on the impact of our partnership.
  • Photos, videos and stories connecting your employees and customers to our work.
  • Recognition of your organization on social media, our website, and at fundraising events.
  • Support of your public relations efforts.
  • Tools to support an employee engagement campaign.
  • Invitation to see our work in action.
  • Access to Africa ICT Right Leadership.

If you are interested in becoming a partner, please email You can also view additional program partners below.