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Our after-school STEM Club program offers an exciting opportunity for students to explore the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in a fun and engaging environment. Through hands-on activities, experiments, and projects, students develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills. This program fosters a passion for STEM and prepares students for a bright future in these fields.



We offer an after-school STEM Club program for schools to engage their students in interactive and hands-on engineering, coding, electronics, and robotics programming sessions on how to program a robot, print 3D objects, and design games and animations.


We offer schools four (4) packages under our STEM Club program: computer programming (Coding), engineering (3D Design and Printing), electronics (Arduino), and robotics.

shaftesbury school ghana videoconference
shaftesbury school ghana videoconference

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STEM Club - Tema

Sector: STEM

Status: Ongoing

Partner: Rightway International School

Location: Tema – Greater Accra Region

Rightway International School has approximately 57 kids engaged in our after-school STEM Club program in computer programming (Coding), engineering (3D Design and Printing), electronics (Arduino), and robotics. Every Wednesday and Friday, the club meets.

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STEM Club - Adjen Kotoku

Sector: STEM

Status: Ongoing

Partner: Primeroses Montessori School 

Location: Adjen Kotoku – Greater Accra RegionOur after-school STEM Club program at Primeroses Montessori School has roughly 20 students enrolled in our computer programming (Coding) and robotics clubs. The club meets on Tuesdays



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Donated 30 computers valued at $75,000 to Drive Aid Ghana

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Arkcity-Link Foundation To Receive $2,100 Ict Donation

Donated Items include,  8 computers, overhead projectors and a projector screen


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