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Africa ICT Right (AIR) is an ICT-oriented nonprofit organization dedicated to bridging the digital divide by building a more equitable and technologically advanced future for all. AIR uses Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools as a catalyst to address critical national issues in Ghana related to agriculture, health, gender, education, and youth empowerment.


AIR was founded on the belief that the modern world is undergoing a profound technological revolution in which personal computers, mobile phones, and Internet technologies play critical roles, but that there is significant inequality in the distribution of these tools, which is harmful not only to underserved communities, but also to our society.


We partner with donors, public and private institutions, NGOs and local communities to address this detriment through our integrated development programs that provide technological solutions and support to educational and health facilities especially in less privileged areas where the digital gap is most pronounced.

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Our philosophy



A computer literate society in Ghana where Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is be used to address developmental needs of communities.    




Empowering underserved communities by providing technological resources, training and support to address developmental needs.

As we pursue our vision, AIR is guided by the following core values:


Our work thrives on teamwork, strategic alliances and communication within our organization and the communities we serve.


We are dedicated to the efficient and effective use of resources entrusted to us. We accept responsibility of the public trust and are accountable for our actions. We also communicate our successes and challenges to partners, stakeholders, and donors.


To do the right thing and adhere to the highest ethical standards of honesty, transparency and loyalty.


We value professionalism by all employees. We develop our staff to perform their work with expertise, dedication and care.


We hold ourselves to high standards of performance and aim to improve outcomes continuously.  We consider ourselves privileged doing this work.

Our Goals

Our goals In 2023

Empowering Undeserved Communities with Technology

Our goal for the year is to provide ICT labs, STEM education, and digital skills training to empower underserved communities and entrepreneurs

Our Goals

Our goals In 2023

Empowering Undeserved Communities with Technology

Our goal for the year is to provide ICT labs, STEM education, and digital skills training to empower underserved communities and entrepreneurs


Build 2 STEM Labs

Entrepreneurship Clubs

Setup Entrepreneurship Clubs in 20 schools

STEM Clubs

Setup STEM Clubs in 10 schools

Train Girls in Coding

Reach 2,000 girls with coding, robotics, Arduino and 3D design & printing skills

How AIR align with the SDGs

Africa ICT Right's impactful work is aligned with nine (9) UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By promoting digital literacy and technology access, we empower farmers with agricultural knowledge, enhancing food security. Our health-related tech solutions improve healthcare access. Digital learning initiatives bridge education gaps, fostering opportunities for underserved communities. Equipping individuals with digital skills drives economic growth and entrepreneurship. We promote gender equity by advocating for women's inclusion in tech. Collaborating with stakeholders, we drive tech innovation for economic progress. Promoting sustainable practices, we responsibly manage e-waste, contributing to environmental preservation
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Distance doesn`t deminish our love

Over the last 16 years, Africa ICT Right has successfully implemented a range of projects from health, education, gender, STEM education, youth empowerment, and agriculture in eight (8) regions namely Greater-Accra Region, Northern Region, Bono Region, Volta Region, Central Region, Western Region, Upper East Region and Ashanti Region

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As a nonprofit organization, we use approximately 96% of all donated funds to support the implementation of specific programs and projects funded by our partners or donors, while the remaining 4% is used to cover our day-to-day operational expenses, which include staff salaries, office rent, utilities, communications, and administrative costs.

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