Our STEM program strives to establish cutting-edge STEM labs for discovery, train teachers to become successful STEM educators, and equip students with STEM tools to unleash their inner potential and propel them to success at school and beyond by igniting a culture shift around STEM teaching and learning.

About this cause

In Ghana, access to quality STEM education is limited, with only 17% of students pursuing science-related courses in tertiary institutions. Limited resources, teacher shortages, and outdated curricula hinder students’ interest and preparedness for STEM careers. Our STEM education program aims to address these challenges by enhancing educational infrastructure, providing teacher support, and inspiring students to pursue STEM fields for a brighter future.

Our work

Since 2021, we have been working with schools in Greater-Accra region to set up STEM labs, after-school STEM clubs, supporting girls in STEM and training of Teachers in STEM education.

Related projects

stem lab

We finance ultra-modern STEM labs for Schools. Our financing option enable schools to obtain the necessary computers, software, STEM equipment, furniture, and supplies to set up and run a comprehensive STEM lab.

stem Club

We offer after-school STEM Club program for schools to engage their students on interactive and hands-on engineering, coding, electronics and robotics programming session on how to program a robot, print 3D objects, design games and animations.


We engage teachers on interactive and hands-on engineering skills, AI, Arduino and IOT, machine learning, Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR), coding and robotics programming session on how to use these digital tools in the classroom environment.

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