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Here are some ICT terms and what they mean:

1. URL: A URL is short for ‘Uniform Resource Locator’ and is the web address of a specific Website or file location. An example of a URL is: www.africaictright.org

2. UX: You may see these two letters together often but have no idea what they are referring to. Well UX really means ‘User Experience’. UX is the amount of enjoyment or satisfaction a ‘user’ gets out of a Web Page, game, system, or product. For example, when you use a cell phone, how easy is it to use? If it’s easy to navigate you would refer to your UX as being a ‘User-Friendly Experience’. If you found your phone’s interface confusing to use, you probably had a ‘Bad UX’. Get it?

3. BIT/BYTE: A Bit is a binary digit and is the smallest unit used to measure data. You’ll often hear, “ Bits and Bytes;” however, do not interchange the two for one another – 1 Bytes is comprised of 8 Bits. Bits are only represented by ‘1’ or ‘0’ and are the foundation of computer data.
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