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Our AgriTech 4 All program works with our partners to organize sustainable agriculture training among farming communities to upskill smallholder farmers by sharing affordable, organic and environmentally friendly farming techniques to help these farmers transform their land and improve their livelihood through the use of our mobile app.

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Training for Farmers - Hohoe

Sector: Agriculture

Status: Completed

Sponsor: Haller Foundation

Location: Hohoe – Volta Region

We organized a three-day ICT training in Likpe in the Hohoe Municipal Assembly in 2020 for 22 smallholder farmers. The training's objective was to upskill smallholder farmers by teaching them low-cost, ecologically friendly, and organic farming methods that will enable them transform their land and increase their standard of living.

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Africa ICT Right (AIR) Intensifies Computer Education In Damongo

Donated 30 computers valued at $75,000 to Drive Aid Ghana

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Arkcity-Link Foundation To Receive $2,100 Ict Donation

Donated Items include,  8 computers, overhead projectors and a projector screen

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