Teachers play a vital role in the integration of ICT in teaching and learning, and their capacity to use ICT tools to enhance the teaching and learning process in the classroom must be developed.


Our iTeach ICT program seeks equip Science, Technology, English and Mathematics (STEM) teachers with valuable 21st-century digital-skills to enable them integrate ICT into their teaching, learning and assessment in the classroom. 

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iTeach Project-Mamponteng

Sector: Education
Status: Completed
Sponsor: Sankofa Tech Inc.,
Location: Mamponteng – Ashanti Region

52 instructors from 9 schools received training thanks to support from Sankofa Tech Inc. The following schools were involved: Mary Afriyie SDA JHS (host school); Mamponteng R/C JHS "A"; Nureel Huda Islamic JHS; Mamponteng R/C JHS "B"; Fawoade D/A JHS; Nuriya Islamic JHS; Ntonso SDA JHS; Dumanefo D/A JHS; Mamponteng D/A JHS.


STEM Trainers' Refresher Training Program

Sector: Education

Status: Completed

Sponsor: Google Inc.,

Location: Tamale – Northern Region

In 2015, we offered a one-day refresher program for some selected STEM teachers in Tamale. Teachers from Kanvili Tawfikya Junior High School, Jisonayili MA Junior High School, Kanvilli RC JHS, Dahinsheli JHS, Bagabaga JHS, Ridge JHS, Darul Hardis JHS, Choggu Yapalsi M/A JHS, Wurushei Community Al-Bahadal JHS, and Wurushei Community Al-Bahadal JHS were chosen.

Training Program for STEM Trainers

Sector: Education

Status: Completed

Sponsor: Google Inc.,

Location: Tamale – Northern Region

In 2014, we organized a three-day ICT training for 36 STEM teachers in the Tamale Metropolis.

The training's goal was to provide Science, Technology, English, and Mathematics (STEM) instructors with the necessary skills and content to assist them in incorporating ICT into their teaching and learning. 


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