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The Girls in Tech (GTech) program is an after-school STEM education program for junior high school girls aged 9-16 from underserved communities.


The GTech program aims to close the gender gap in the technology sector by educating, inspiring, and equipping high school girls with the skills and resources to pursue opportunities in computing fields. Students learn basic coding skills, build exciting projects, and develop strong relationships with mentors in the field.

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related Activities

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Coding for Girls

Sector: Gender
Status: Completed
Sponsor: Motorola Foundation
Location: Tamale – Northern Region and Battor – Volta Region

With funding from Motorola Foundation, we organized coding training classes for nearly 3,000 females within our ATC Digital Communities ICT Learning centers in Savelugu and Battor. The goal of the initiative was to spark young girls' interest in STEM education.

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GTech Summer Camp

Sector: Gender
Status: Completed
Sponsor: AIR
Location: Tema – Greater Accra Region

20 Students from Rightway International School in Tema participated in a week-long STEM Summer Camp. The goal of the initiative was to spark young girls' interest in STEM. Critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaborative skills were taught to the students.



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GTech Resource Center - Tamale

Sector: Gender
Status: Completed
Sponsor: Google Inc.,
Location: Tamale – Northern Region

We partnered with Google Inc. in 2014 to open a 30 seat resource center in Tamale for our Girls In Tech (GTech) program. The Resource Center was established to assist junior high school girls from Wurushei, a suburb of Tamale in the Northern Region.  

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Shama GTech Center

Sector: Gender
Status: Completed
Sponsor: WeTech
Location: Shama, Takoradi – Western Region

The GTech Centre in Shama is one of three IT laboratories established by Africa ICT Right to promote gender equity in ICT education.  Since its inception in 2015, the center has trained approximately 160 Junior High School girls from four schools in basic coding each academic year.

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The Hour of Code Program

Sector: Gender
Status: Completed
Location: Tamale – Northern Region
In 2014, Africa ICT Right participated in the Hour of Code program by conducting a coding session for over 100 young people, the majority of whom were girls, at its GTech Resource Center in Tamale.
Darul Hadis JHS, Wurushei Community Al-Bahadal JHS, Choggu Yapalsi M/A JHS, Bagabaga Dem. JHS "A", Ridge "A" JHS, Bagabaga Dem. JHS "B", Ridge "B" JHS, and several Wurishe Community members were among those that took part in the program. After the day-long session, certificates were distributed to the 100 young participants.

related Stories

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A Look At The Success Story Of The AIR's GTech Programme

following the opening of Africa ICT Right Project in the Northern region dubbed 'Girls in Technology'....


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Africa ICT Right Inaugurates A Resource Centre In Tamale

Africa ICT Right (AIR) on May 5th 2014 this year, inaugurated its first resource centre for high school girls

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